Abstracts Guidelines


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  • The acceptance of the submitted abstract is subject to the registration of the first author or responsible author (as indicated in the summary).
  • The authors will appear with name and surname. Limit to 5 authors.
  • Abstracts will be sent through the congress website from July 30  to January 15, 2019 at 23:59 hrs. During these dates you can send the summaries and make changes to the abstracts sent, using the program available on the Congress website.
  • Your work must be original and must not have been published in other conferences.
  • Indicate the kind of abstract: Oral Communication, Poster or Video.
  • The official language of the Congress will be spanish, abtracts written in english will be admited, but they will not be traslated to spanish. 


  •  Auditory Implants (bone conduction implants, active middle ear implants, cochlear implants, brainstem auditory implants)
  • Technology
  • Indications
  • Surgery
  • Programming
  • Rehabilitation
  • Results
  • Complications
  • Health management
  • Early detection of hearing loss in newborns
  • Etiology of hearing loss.
  • Protection and regeneration of the auditory system
  • Examination of the auditory system
  • Auditory plasticity
  • Tinnitus


ABSTRACT STRUCTURE (maximum 350 words)

  1. Introduction
  2. Objectives
  3. Method
  4. Results and Conclusions

If you want to use unusual graphic characters such as>, <, +, / ... follow the instructions of the abstract submission application. Bibliographic references, graphics, tables or figures
should not be included.
Since the abstracts are evaluated anonymously, the personal data of the author or authors and the origin should not appear in the text of the abstract.
In this case, they will automatically be excluded from the prize option.